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Acrostic Poetry Collection

A language trainer & a passionate learner, eager to learn from everyone around. "Language is a form of river that doesn't have any boundary"

Anupam: I Me Myself

Anupam is a word of "Hindi language" that means unique. The one who cannot be compared to anyone.

I am Anupam, I can't say that someone special, as I believe that every individual is special with a special gift from God. This is the statement I keep on telling all my students. Though I am myself not so enriched in language as you can find in my writings, I am very emotional and wish to express whatever I feel using a few of the words that I have learned till now.

Reading and writing is my passion and so I am here.


Mitu: My Nick Name

Mitu is my nick name. In India, especially in the state Bihar, we usually have to names, one formal name for the school registration and the other name to be used at home.

I am rarely addressed by this name as everyone out knows me as Anupam and I am addressed with this name only. So the only ones who use this name are my parents. In our culture the younger ones don't take the names of elders to address. At Hubpages I had to use this name as Anupam was already taken by someone.


Family in India

I am proud of my country and its rich culture where still joint families can be commonly seen. At present in this Lockdown, I am staying with my family of ten members. There could have been two more members, my parent in laws, but before they would have returned from the hometown, the lockdown started.

The love and compassion that is provided by the family can be rarely found elsewhere. They are there with us through thick and thin and be the strength in even in the weakest time of ours.

The little kids play all around, the young ones maintain the discipline and take care of the needs of the people and the old experienced members of the family remain as the head of the family, guiding the young generation with their experience and wisdom. No doubt the conflicts also arise at times but they are never able to supersede the family bonding.


Aakanksha & Enakshi

I have been blessed with two daughters, Aakanksha (means Desire) and Enakshi (means doe- eyed).

Both the daughters are my life driving force, my angels who add a meaning to my life with their presence.

The elder one has become the best friend of mine now. However, our relation has been changing every year. We have covered a long journey together.



Mirakee: A Writing App

Mirakee was the platform where I discovered myself after a long time. I started to express myself at that app and there also I was overwhelmed by the responses of the people from all over the world.

Being a little extra sensitive, I had to refrain from that app as it was not as refined as Hubpage. There it used to take a lot of time to find articles of my interest.



Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth. Health is to be cared to live the life to the fullest.

Enjoy each and every moment, preserving memories, living in the present.

Almighty should be thanked for everything you have been blessed with.

List everything that you have to do before the arrival of death.

Take care of your entire health, physical, mental as well as spiritual health.

With Love

Anupam Mishra




This one is not an acrostic poem but I have left this one here itself as it's not any particular form.

It was a challenge given by someone to write a poem using a word devised by ourselves.

I made this word using respect and love. So 'Respecove' is a word formed from the two words respect and love.

As per my understanding, respect is the refined version of love. The highest form of love, where you just have best of the feelings without any expectation in return.


Respect + Love

Respect + Love

Father: Forever Attending to the Total Health of Everyone in Residence

While the mother tends the infant in her womb,

The father eagerly waits for the child to be born,

He keeps on counting the days to hold it in his arm,

Trying to feel the touch of the child touching the womb.

The father keeps on hiding the lines on his forehead,

Trying to conceal it with his toughened stubborn heart,

Though at times he too is worried, restless and scared,

He never lets that appear on his brave fatherly cast.

Mother is emotional and sentimental filled with sacred love,

Father too is the same, but he remains severe just to secure,

Making all his efforts to meet the needs of his family with care,

For every need of his child, the father is always there.

Anupam Mishra








Thank You Hubbers

Healthy high spirited readers and writers from the world,

Understanding each and every utterance of the word,

Beautifying brimming bright thoughts using various styles,

Breaking the barriers of race, religion or long distant miles,

Enthusiastically using the eyes to read and words to express,

Respectfully reading each others' life experiences

Seeking the depth of the words using their sharp sensitive senses.

Thank You Hubbers, For Your Love & Compassion.

Anupam Mishra

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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