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“Acrostic Poems”- Ishita Bose



Maybe you are different,

On the verge of breakdown,

Overwhelmed to the point where you feel like you’ll combust,

Nonetheless don’t give up,

Cause there are countless opportunities to shine,

Hiding away is not an option,

Instead getting up and proving your worth is!

Look around you, moonchild, don’t be afraid because;

Darkness never stopped the moon from shining.



Embracing something so sudden,

Praiseworthy, it seems,

Intangible yet so hard it is,

Probably good for you it screams,

Heart threatens to come on the sleeve,

As my mind is flooded with hundreds of realisations but;

No courage to even conceive!

You might feel it’s all so vague, but if your heart says you are beautiful, then trust that epiphany right away.



Prejudices filled to the brim,

Emerging behind the mask they built,

Oblivious to everything around them,

Promising for others betterment is how they succeed,

Large minds and big hearts they have,

Extraordinary would it be if they’d use it effectively.



Dusty, old books filled with classic fables makes me think,

As asinine as it might seem,

Yearning to feel the magic is all I could dream,

Daydreaming, so it is,

Rummaging through the various fables in my mind,

Eagerly I sit down, cupping my face, staring into nowhere,

Arranging things as I want them to be,

My mind shuts itself from reality, takes me far away, in the dreamland I want to be.



So soothing, so calm,

Evergreen lush grass tickling my toes,

Rare and so beautiful a sight,

Exciting it got, as the sun glowed,

Nothing can compare to its beauty,

Delicate is the only word I can manage to find,

It was not my intention to find it,

Poised it was, amongst the bubbly playful chatters,

I wish I could see myself in this situation often,

There is nothing as pretty as your mind constantly telling you how beautiful you are,

You smile wider, and the reflection of yourself that you have been watching for a while now, becomes brighter.



So what if I live by my ways,

The choices I make, and my voice,

Is it all unseen and unheard?

Going through a path of shame, all of this for what?

Make up your mind, if you can’t give justice then don’t ask for it in return,

Am I just a stigma for loving myself more than others?



Expectations at times makes us stumped,

Underwhelming at times,

Probably leading towards disappointment,

However above all that lies something,

Ordinarily we won’t appreciate it but at times like this,

Regardless of what people around me say,

I am happy, knowing that there are some people who are always proud of me,

And at the moment it is all that matters, that “some” means the world to me.


Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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