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Abecedarian Poem

Anupam Mishra is a language trainer. She has been teaching English for ten years. She loves to read and write poems, stories and articles.

A - Z Nonsense Poem

An adorable artist was waiting for an angel,

Being worthy for the bright sparkling bangle,

Certainly she was the chosen one by Chapel,

Daily she danced deliberately as a damsel.

Exuberantly she kept on entertaining the eyes,

Forgetting the fierce faces of the filthy flies,

Gathered there to get a glimpse of guests,

Hovering here and there as happy hippies.

Ignoring the insensitive illiberal idiots' invasion,

Jubilantly she jeopardized the jealous jargon,

Knocked by the kiss of the king's kind queen,

Laden with lily, lavender and lovely luscious lemon.

Maximum matured men were in merry mood,

Naturally noticed the novice notorious dude,

Offering old olive oil to the over cooked food,

Prepared for performers playing in the wood.

Questions on quality quietened the quixotic queen,

Regretfully she reflected on the recipe with the rebellions,

Suddenly, a sacred soul shaped as sun was seen,

The threatened terrified tongues tried to tune in team.

Unjust, unfaithful and unkind uttered in unanimous unity,

Virtual viral villains in their veiled venomous identity,

Willfully watched the weak woos of the wounded witty,

Excitedly xeroxing the mixed x rays of the climax pixy,

Youths of yesterday yelled with a yearning yawn for a year,

Zealously zapped by the zooming zombies without zipper.

Anupam Mishra

© 2020 Anupam Mitu