Across the Universal Rainstorm Clouds

Updated on September 21, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Alarm clock screamed at the top of its temperamental lungs

Shouted about another grey dawn of a morning

Sun took a 24 hour vacation to Jamaica and Bahamas

Mother Nature's dark mood seemed to be spreading

Desire to get out of bed faded with each passing minute

Internal tempest darkened the Mount Laurel sky

Angered by the idea of another lackluster 8 hour day

A cog in an endless machine going nowhere fast

Expected to be a know-it-all when only a beginner

Intelligence draining out of the faucet each hour

Smile evaporated with the last solitary drop of brain power

Became a dried out supermodel left in the desert too long

Fed up with feeling so raw and uncooked

Like a piece of meat left out at a Labor Day barbeque

Became a rancid item meant to be disposed of immediately

Ignored by the masses as they congregated by the pool

Searching for a crowd and a suntan at the same time

Never truly left high school by clinging to approval of others

Crumpled to paper scraps when not received in timely fashion

Craved the approval of the Siskels, Eberts and the Blackwells

Never getting the accolades privately and openly deserved

Sick of being the resident whipping post for when everything

Goes wrong and they need someone to blame

Faces turned into scowls and the words "Not right now" uttered

Transformed into the gum stuck on the bottom of sneakers

Stuck to the carpet and frustratingly left behind for another pair

Treated as if resentment only a figment of imagination

Lost in the windmills and tumbleweeds inside the mind's eye

Can't take this hemmed in sentiment any longer

Unable to focus on anything good or bad

Listening to Eric Clapton and Talking Heads made difficult

Ready to scream, yell and throw things just to get a reaction

Potentially being locked up in an extra padded cell

Key thrown into a moving trash truck

Headed to a landfill never to be seen from again

Ready to eradicate this tactless Thursday from memory

One meant not be repeated in the history books

Eager for Friday to roll around the corner; even better when it was quitting time

Left the other worker bees in the corporate dust and in the rearview mirror

Time to celebrate the weekend and another vacation

Rest, relaxation and pure unadulterated bliss

Cannot wait for the fun to begin.

Another sign of one of Mother Nature's dark moods.
Another sign of one of Mother Nature's dark moods.


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