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Across My Own Aurora

Here Alone

I travelled across the void places

To cure my heart

I listened their talks closely

To make potion of life

I kept my thoughts wide awake

As they say

But now I couldn’t make it out

Here alone,

I climbed the tallest tree

To bring the clouds near my bed

But it vanished from my own hands

I entered the deepest ocean

To bring peace

I lost growing up

But it sinks under the dark water

And no,

I couldn’t make it out here

As I was alone

I try to explore wilds

In the dark

To bring the fireflies back

To enlightened my room

But they died half way

And I cannot see any light

Here alone

I reached the brightest star

at lone night

To get the stardust

For hiding the scars of my body

But the storm blew them away from my body

making the ugly scars visible

And I don’t find a way

To make it out here

All Alone

I walked bare foot across the poles

To catch the magical Aurora

I dreamt of

But the darkness engulfed the lights

I climbed the farthest mountain

In rain

To dive in the rainbow

I saw from distant

But the Sun hides all the colours I dreamed

And now

My mind recites

I can never make it out here


I stayed in the crowds

Staring the passing cars

And rushing roads

With the happy face

To gain the love

And love

But I saw people

Revealing who they are

Laughing at bleeding hearts

Burying a kind soul

I feel happy to be alone

Someday I will make it out here

All alone

With or without love

Someday I will make it out


So now I wrote the stories of my life

On papers

And emptied the jar of memories I had

With the cold tears rolling on my face

And falling on the pages

The story of people trying to guide you

To the path of happiness

But that path will never lead you

To your landing place

- Srushti Gamit

“ I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’

There is an African saying which is : Be Careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”

- Maya Angelou

© 2021 Srushti Gamit