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Acid Wash Denim Mood Ring

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A once perfectly dysfunctional minion

Locked in the corporate rat race

For a solitary piece of Alpine Lace Swiss cheese

Moldier which can be expected

After being dangled in front of all the pathetic mice

Eager for a molecule of sustenance

Only getting within a hair obtaining the brass ring

Before the perpetual rug ripped out by HR

Suddenly no longer in perfect alignment

With the rest of the wannabe foot soldiers

Been short circuited once too many times in life's maze

Unable to cope with the mundane stress of the 8 hours a day spectrum

Climbed to the edge of Occam's Razor before being pulled back

Reality has kick to it now after going far too close to the cliff

Consequences worst hangover to ever have

Hopped onto the repentance bandwagon for fear of shaking things up

Don't want to offend the masses after a reckless mistake

Toeing the line and not raising up any red flags

Taking the required doses of red and blue pills

Only to not even want to walk to the mailbox or out of bed

Body now a mix of a sack of plain spuds and a scrapped out Vanilla bean

A pumpkin or gourd devoid of innards and seeds

Ready to be put out on display for the next holiday

Fake smile and all

Hard to tell if it's genuine anymore

Too tired to notice or care what the current mood of the moment is

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