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According to Your Heart (Poem)


According to Your heart

I come to the Lord in prayer,
praising Him with all the praises I can bring,
confessing every sin then continue on wondering,
because I often get discourage, losing heart because of my shame,
I ask myself, "how could I ever come in His name?"

But as the psalmist proclaims, "if your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction,"
How true are your truths! they are the comfort and healing of every melancholic contemplation;

I then shall never concede to such a legalistic graceless state,
I shall, through the blood, come near through faith,
Press my new born spirit to winnow self reliance,
persevere by grace, conquering defeated giants;

for according to His justice,
every wrong brought to the light,
for according to His mercy,
sinners spared from their plight,
for according to His grace,
spiritual blessings given through Christ,
for according to His love,
all these riches are bestowed,
not for our glory, but for His alone,
for our highest consumation is to be called His own,

It is all according to who God is,
from before the foundation of the earth to the very last cry;
Not one of His promises shall be left still sealed,
not one of His glories shall be left unrevealed,
not one of His purposes shall be left concealed,
for every single word shall be fulfilled;

Rest, my soul,
Oh bless His name!
worship, obey, and serve;
He has broken every chain,
Nothing can take you away,
Nothing can change His grace;
He is in the end as He is from the start,
for every blessing is according to His heart.


Soli Deo Gloria