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Accepting Myself

I don’t have a gift
I only know about loyalty
I’ll talk to anyone
It’s only my anxiety

Could I lose you?
I have to assume I should
prepare my heart
to be entombed

I had the call
Still the spirit knows my soul
Towards the sun
my garden grows

There’s lots to pray
Over the fallen under the risen
The earth is saddened
A baby christened

We all want a place
Dying on it and because of it
My mind is so dusty
the memories can’t spit

I’m close to bust
It’s not money, only my fears
I'm a city farmer that's all
I can't grow a row of ears

I realized a lifetime
It’s time to accept my choices
I can’t talk my way out
Truth hears other voices

I could have done more
But there’s also a whole lot worse
I found life in the middle
God and love has no curse

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