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Acceptance-2019 Part 1

Accepting and moving on...Life is such a rebel Relationships and struggles Finally giving up on something that's long gone


I've learnt to accept defeat,defeat from you

Love is unacceptable,unforgiving

Lessons and Blessings

Have made me lose my senses

I think I've done a terrible mistake

I wanted you,I had you,I loved you

But then I lost you

I can't forget and I can't accept

That your gone

The ancient times of history are gone

You tell me to forget as if it's that easy

But you know deep down that your...

Affecting me


Things will never be the same again,

Cos of the passion we've lost,the love,the care

The fun in what we had

All gone....


I still do care and it's killing me

Eating me from the core

This is a rebel