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Academics versus Skills - a Poetic Analysis

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


There are many developing or underdeveloped countries in this world, especially those which are having a large population and they are facing the problem of unemployment, poverty, and hunger. The education system in most of these places is old fashioned and limited to the academic acquisition of knowledge. The students generally do not get exposure to skill-based knowledge or job oriented training. In such cases, they have a big problem of getting employment because good job positions are taken by the top-level performing students and the lower jobs are taken by the technical hands or skill-based people.

An ordinary student having passed his academic courses finds the world full of challenges and doesn't get success in getting a good job in spite of his academic qualifications. This badly hurt him and then he thinks why one should not have gone for some technical and skill-based training in the first place itself instead of pursuing the usual academic courses.

It is always a point of confusion for the guardians or the students to decide as to which line they should choose - pure academics or technical training. It is obvious that only the students having inclination, interest, and liking for the pure academic courses should pursue it so that they can go for higher education and research in their core area and make a career in scientific research or teaching or some career line like that. For the rest of the common students, it would be prudent to go for some job oriented skill-based training which can provide them with a livelihood and source of sustained earnings.

This poetry is the outcome and reflection of all these thoughts and the problems faced by so many young people across the globe.

I had studied in good Schools,

Which were capable of separating horses from mules.

I was happy with my attainments,

hoping for a good career and achievements.

I had qualifications and hope in my veins,

But I was not aware of career making pains.

Applying for good positions here and there,

Trying to find out the luck in my share.

Everyone appreciated my knowledge,

But cut a sorry figure alike.

They wanted a skill based person,

Not a Tom, Jerry, and Mike.

I realised the fallacy of my academic,

Not able to start a career.

I did not know any skilful job,

And that was the main barrier.

Someone advised me to do a short course,

And acquire some skills in hand.

Maybe I will not get a big job,

But it would place me in a mediocre band.

I was pondering on my destiny,

Searching for the answer in my mind.

When I had to be only skilful,

Then why do I have an education of that kind.

Pure academics is not for everyone,

Which is actually meant for researchers.

It is better to acquire some skills,

And go for self employment strictures.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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