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(Ab)use Of Social Media And How It Changed Us

Emee.chan is someone who likes sarcasm and likes using it even more.


Thank The Lord For Social Media!

Ladies and gents, let us toast to those who created that which we (ab)use the most!

Congratulations to that inventive mind, now we have ourselves an ideal place to hide.

Though it isn't used for hiding only, it also greatly shows humanity's gluttony.

We made idiocy the best policy, we welcome lies masked as brutal honesty.

Thank God for social media, where only happiness and success is the right criteria!

Heaven forbid it's otherwise,
you're sure to meet your demise!

You'll be punished by dislikes and unfollows and oh, how would that affect your survival?

The loss of popularity, the loss of love measured in likes on photos and videos, without it your life is tedious!

Oh my, what an awful fate, to get hate by not behaving the same!

What a generation we turned out to be, (ab)using social media makes our every day complete!

Everyone has an opinion about this or that, they all just have to comment their facts!

And let's not forget those eternally offended by anything and oh so delicate, 'cause just skipping what they dislike would be a shameful act.

The concept of keeping to yourself no longer exists, privacy is for weaklings!

You have no right not to overshare, you have no right not to post it out there!

And let's not forget our passwords, they're a better kept secret than the secrets of our friends.

Who needs real friends, trust and affection, when being the next IT on social media is in fashion?

Who needs true love and passion, when you just have to show you're desperate for attention?

We should be thankful, we should be proud, for social media is, after all, a creation from above!

It sure spared us the trouble of being real, 'cause that lost all of its appeal.

Thank God for social media, for creating a worldwide mania.

If it were to, perish the thought, dissapear one day, it will throw us all in such a despair!

So ladies and gents, let us pray from our hearts, may social media be immortalised!

Long live the socal media, lest we start missing our old worthless lives, void of approval through follows, shares and likes!

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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