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Abstract Love

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Walking through the forest,

I came upon a gorgeous tree.

I sat beneath her vibrant leaves,

And she welcomed me into her shade.

The breeze kissed my cheeks soft,

As I gazed up at her beauty.

It nearly brought a tear to my eye,

Knowing this moment was fleeting.

But I could not dwell in the thought,

That I’d soon be leaving the forest.

No, she deserved all my attention,

And she let her leaves fall upon me.

As I caught the leaves that fell,

I was excited for her attentions.

A silent acknowledgment of my heart,

Leads me to linger that much longer.

It wasn’t a bother to her at all,

That I fell asleep at her strong roots.

She shaded me from the harsh sun,

As I dreamed of climbing her heights.

Awaken to her standing proudly over me,

Stronger love than any before her.

Offering a lingering look upon her,

I shed a tear as it was time I left.

Thinking to myself thoughts so sweet,

I'll return to her and bask once more.

Others will immerse in her glory,

But the heart of the forest beats for me.

Lovers New and Past

Connect with a lover today, the times are calling out for it. The times are calling for you to immerse in the being of another, and to let the ecstasy of love overflow your cup. It is greedy to hide your heart, hoard your abundant love within it, and I know that generosity is your desire.

Lovers new and past, flock to one another and let love envelope your entirety!