Above the RHYMES

Updated on November 6, 2017

Above the Rim

The Talented KYLE WATSON.
Looks forward to his graduation.
Scouts come from all over to see him play.
But he's looking to go to Georgetown to play.
One night at his game, he sees his mom.
Getting cozy, with the security guard.
TOM SHEPARD who's newly hired.
A former standout that's highly admired.
Admired highly in the school.
Because he played there too.
Meanwhile, Kyle can't play the game.
He tries but they end up losing the game.
The coach calls Kyle in his office.
Gives him advice but Kyle doesn't listen.
His childhood friend comes out of jail.
Around the same lifestyle that got him in jail.
BIRDIE SHEPARD a local street thug.
He tells takes Kyle to Birdie's club.
After it, Kyle's has a dilemma.
Hard to say no to Bernie's offer.
Kyle's used to playing for his own coach.
Kyle thinks about it before saying no.
Kyle agrees to play with Birdie.
but finds some things about Birdie.
He eventually, turns to his old team.
He used his talent and used his team.
His team met birdie's in the finals.
Before the game even started.
Birdie threatens Kyle to throw it.
Kyle's brutalized through the game.
Thomas sees him in pain.
He then enters the game.
He to suffered much pain.
Thomas helps the team win.
An angry Birdie orders his henchman.
To kill off Kyle for not throwing the game.
But Thomas takes the pain.

Duane Martin
Kyle Watson
Tupac Shakur
Birdie Shepard
Leon Robinson
Thomas Shepard

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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