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Poems of Trust, Hope and Love

Music In The Wind


Where Are The Songs?

Where are the songs that ring into the night
Where children play and do not flee in fright
Where families and friends stay faithful to one another
Where your friend becomes closer than a brother

Make a plan to choose what is right
living under God's never ending sight
Where man is the same in favor and grace
Each one as important and occupies a space

In the Lord's heart there is plenty of love
He will keep us hand in glove
Till we meet Him in glory abounding
where the trumpets are all a sounding

So make time for the Father of Fathers
For it is He who calls us
And He who gathers!

Beauty Of Mountains And Plains


Above The Plains

Above the plains
Above the clouds
Along the beaches
My heart loves

Beyond the chaos
Beneath the dust
there my heart
Turns to God in trust.

Out of water
Out of love
out of everything
Then in comes Father God, hand in glove!

The Beach And it's Beauty


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