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About democracy.

Dear prince, you have to implement democracy.

Dear Prince, get up.
You have been selected.
People have chosen you.
Because you liked democracy.
Prince, get up.
You have to implement democracy.
What is democracy,
Prince, people have to tell.
The prince said, "What is democracy my sister."
I said all this because,
People choose me.
May knows nothing about democracy.
Don't worry Prince.
I am with you.
Democracy, that is, the rule of the people.
The prince said then tell me.
Who is called Democracy?
What is the beauty of democracy?
What is the meaning of the word democracy.
What happens in a democracy?
My brother prince.
Democracy, that is, which the Lord has implemented here.
Democracy means in which truth,
Democracy means freedom.
That is, the right to speak.
Democracy in which there is justice.
Democracy means equality.
Democracy which has no religion.
Democracy means power.
When democracy is there, no one can harm you.
Democracy means peace.
If there is democracy, then there is a country.
If there is democracy then people are also happy.
Provided that democracy must be real.
Now tell this my democratic sister.
What will I have to do.
nothing just tell this to the people,
People of my country, today we are democracy.
From today you can say anything.
Even if it is against me.
You can ask me anything from today
Be it whatever.
I am your Prince, ready to give every answer.
Now we will live for you,
Because that's what democracy is all about,
And this is what democracy teaches.
From today we will never lie,
From today everyone, everyone,
No matter who our enemy is,
You can ask us questions.
If I do something wrong,
you can interrupt me.
I am not your prince from today,
Rather, I am your servant.
If you want to remove me,
you can remove me too.
But I will withdraw in a democratic way.

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