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Abecedarian Poetry Variations - For Ann's Challenge

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

The Challenge

Ann, through her informative article on Abecedarian Poetry, issued a challenge to write a variant of the style where every word begins with the same alphabet. I humbly include two poems, one in response to the challenge, and another, an Abecedarian poem of my own.


This poem depicts the story of Edward, who has a unique habit of collecting physical emblems belonging to or in some way connected to dead people. He tries his best to preserve his collection, but eventually fails to prevent the aging emblems from being set free by centuries of wear and tear.

Every evening eerie Edward
Enshrines enigmatic emblems
Encapsulated, etched
Emboldened, enlarged epitaphs

Edging effortlessly
En-route emerging eagerness
Energetic Edward embraces
Environmental envies
Ensures eons emancipate

Diary of a Cheater

Every Cheater's Reasoning

Every Cheater's Reasoning

My second poem attempts to bring about the reasoning that a cheater in a relationship persuades himself/herself to believe, while also expecting the world to agree.

After bathing carelessly
Decides Ethan
Foregoing going home
Is jolly kind

Love means no obsession
Perhaps quiet rebellion struggles
To unhinge vices
Without x-raying younger zeal

© 2019 Rinita Sen

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