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Poem - Abandoned Houses Forgotten Lives

Dolores spent many years working with children to create candies, breads, paper, masks, stepping stones and other crafts and recipes.

Abandoned House

Abandoned house

Abandoned house

There is something so sad about an abandoned house - you can not help but think of the waste, or of the happy times once spent there. Urban or rural places abound in these forgotten homes, places where children grew up and played; places where people were born and died. Places that people once made pretty.

The poignant romance of abandoned houses inspired me to write this poem.

Abandoned Houses

empty houses gone to seed

empty kitchens with no one to feed

where once was laughter, spiders spin

forgotten dreams ... an off key song

no cat in the window... everyone's gone

where sheets once danced on a line

the tire swing replaced by poison vine

wildflowers where the roses grew

where is the family that loved and knew

where sunlight painted a bright design

floors once swept now warped with time

the slap of a screen door, the shout of a child

little secrets and presents piled

but daffodils still bloom in spring

robins, wrens, and bluebirds sing

do ghosts knit sweaters or answer the phone

do ghosts light candles when they are alone

abandoned houses, forgotten lives

the house sits empty, nobody's home

A Touching Series of Photos of Abandoned Houses With Music

The filmer believed this was one of the houses features in the book - 'Ghosts in the Wilderness'