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A Poem for a Brother


AaKash Maulekhi

It all started in 2010

We're basically strangers

Way back then

We talk and chat

As we Imagine

Didn't notice

It was how this all began

I started calling you Bhaiyaa

And you treated me like your bahan

We started sharing secrets

We became so close

That we don't care about the distance

You've taught me much

Made me feel like I'm nothing less

To have you as a brother

Is considerably priceless

I feel so down whenever I feel like you're not well

I want to be in front of you

to support you and hug you and say all is well

It all started in 2010

We're basically strangers

Wow we're in 2018

And we're still together

Holding a strong bond

Sister and a brother

I love you, Happy Birthday....


Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on October 13, 2018:

An excellent tribute, my dear Jai! It is a great virtue to express gratitude.

Happy birthday from me too, to your special friend!

"For every step I will be there for you, for us

And every second for the rest of my life

You will find me here

You will find me here

My heart is in your hands

A bond so unbreakable

I have never felt like this before

I never knew it was possible

Never knew I was capable

You can never break a bond like this

And I will never leave your side" -Dead by April


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