Updated on December 17, 2017

It all caught fire so fast like a flammable liquid near a lit matchstick.

Burned so bright and intense but burned in haste and for a while like a performed trick.

Consumed all in its way till nothing stood between pleasure and what's right;

What's left is a memory in our minds and a book to read on our next flight.

The colonial sensation that took over our beings wouldn't keep us away,

To be together made us count the times from hours to days that delayed

The span between our next meeting that seemed years, what in reality was just days.

The hoisted gun that aims with readiness to shoot each time you near.

The different shades of yourself that you portrayed without fear

Within the armor you put on just to entice the enactment of a world war so fierce.

Our inability to stay away from each other, a definite battle to fight.

The smile of welcome, an enchantment to the sight.

Blinded by the flamboyant colors of desire, unable to tell black from white.

The taste of the last supper in your lips each time you were to leave...

The warmth of your embrace that leaves with you and a cold spot in me.

Your absence keeps my mind stalking you wherever you may be.

Foreseeing the future that lies ahead, my mind a clairvoyant I trust.

After all, said and done, we realize it was nothing but lust.

Lasting a moment as short as it took to develop but quickly to rust.

Last to think of, the memories of delight it formed out of the underlying dust.

When we were away, our phones never went down to where they reside.

When we were together, our hands never stayed by our side.

All there remains now are seldom HI’s and hellos sent at odd times and out of place.

No longer eager to travel miles just to see your face.

Albeit I still recall how it all feels to be infatuated with an obsession,

We made it worth the while the adrenaline rush of having you in my possession.

KKP 2017

© 2017 Krakye Omane Poku


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