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A Chasm in Time


A Chasm In Time

Sleepless, as the night falls,

And while silence fills the air.

The dimness holds peace for all,

Though, vacantly I stare,

Into the abyss of my thoughts so deep,

Tough to decode.

Some colours in my dreams I seek,

With some blessings bestowed.

Emotions get heavy and overtly surreal,

Desperate in despair,

With failing efforts to conceal.

Melodies come to the rescue,

To soothe and console

The wretched voices that speak inside,

And hence rejuvenates the soul.

Yet, sleepless, as time goes on,

And blankly I stare,

In the chasm in time that lies ahead,

Wondering if that's fair.

Farah N Huq

Life has it's ups and downs. There are times when one may find it hard to move at the fast pace of the surrounding world. The soul needs to heal, and desperately seeks a break. Nights turn longer, and you realize that time, for you, has stopped! Insomnia can be a curse.

My eyelids are heavy

But my thoughts are heavier

© 2020 Farah N Huq

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