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A Timeless Love

Love takes us places. Special people help us get there in one piece.


I think you were chosen

Chosen to show me Love

From The One who loves me

From places up above.

Maybe the gift of life

Is to find and accrue

Images of happiness

To bring back home to You.

My scars are beautiful to you

Your eyes look past them all

I've never been so grateful

To experience this kind of fall.

Finally my muse

Has shown Himself to me

Stories poems and love songs

Are all I want to see.

Words now taste of honey

Lyrics sweet like wine

Its obvious a love like ours

Has stood the test of time.

Letters just start appearing

Where they never were before

You're illuminating pages

Each day I see much more

Each love is more intense

As each day comes and goes

You use them for my pleasure

It's always been to help me grow

Whirlwind of thoughts

Keep me up at night

Toss and turn recklessly

Like You just turned on the Light.

You truly are my Savior

One that's patient and true

I know I would be buried

If it had not been for You.

I want to spend my life

Earning what You gave

But then it's not a gift from You

I'll be right back in the grave

I'll be just another slave.

I'm beginning to think too much

Deprived of sleep and air

Thinking of you holding me

As I let down my hair

I know you feel it too

A connection we won't deny

I'd die for you, you'll live for me

Though sacred spaces never die

I'm learning how it works

The essence of my worth

The world was made for me

From the day of my birth.

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