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Contemplating life

As I usually do

Overtaken by

A haze of booze

In trouble with the law

They want me to fall

All because

I took a pull and draw

Balancing life and all it throws

Waiting until my big break shows

College finals weighing in on me

Do my work, then wait and see

What grade is given to thee

Turned a PowerPoint in late

My procrastination, sometimes I hate

Missing the carefree times with friends

All seeming to have no ends

Growing up is tough

Seems I never do enough

Schoolwork, a job, girlfriend, and personal time

When will the world finally be mine?

Striving for the top

Hope I never stop

Wanna make it one day

So I can say

I stayed myself

Bad sides and all

Persevere through the rough

Following my call

© 2018 Ty Humble

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