A Pen For a Friend

Updated on January 30, 2018

I think I’ve lost my mojo

It all seems to be gone

Although my pen keeps writing words

The words seem to be wrong

It scribbles another line

And soon it is a page

Calm and cool, it works its magic

While I scream out in rage

The ink never seems to get done

The words pour down like drops

My pen just kept writing

As I stood by like a rock

Soon a breeze flies in

And carries all my work out

It carries it across town

All will read it, no doubt

A mob forms at the door

With torches and pitchforks ready

I don’t know what my own words said

But the words alone made me deadly

I shout for them to take the pen

Burn it for good in the hottest fire

It’s a disguise, I swear, I plead

Just a devil in stationary attire

No one ever believes me

None across the land

I have no arms to offer

and my friend needs no hand

© 2018 Vivek


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