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Updated on May 16, 2018
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Poetry, writing,and music are at the heart of Charmaine's loves. Not to forget swimming in the ocean,walking and wildlife.

All the Goodies form a Vege Garden
All the Goodies form a Vege Garden | Source

Anytime and Anyplace-Resourceful

uncertain times brewing

in the winds offshore

Fears of there being another


What if?

Might be wise to start

becoming frugal

Making your own

and going the extra mile

for someone down

on their luck

Outsourcing is about

to have its time

Stock markets

could be doing the wave dance

Sustainable-there day and night

How to get things done?

How to meet your own needs?

Do what you can

with what you have

where you are

Learn to see opportunity

in the obstacle

Be quick or clever

to overcome difficulties

Make the problem work for you

don’t sit and cry

Ride the Wave of the Stock Market or Do Something Else.
Ride the Wave of the Stock Market or Do Something Else. | Source

Maybe we have to go back

to go forward

Have you been winging it?

and hoping the best

with your finances?

Learn how to grow and protect

the gold

Get practical

Teach yourself skills

to be resourceful around the home

so you don’t flounder

like a fish out of water

Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies | Source

You may not have the training of a doctor

but your body is yours

you live within it

you understand it

So stay in the know

about sicknesses

you are prone to

Work out

Eat seasonal food

Eat in a steady and balanced way

for you

this will increase your inner confidence

and therefore, your self reliance

P-P-P-PICK Sustainable

Making Your Own Bread
Making Your Own Bread | Source


Become a minimalist where you can

otherwise time and resources

wasted to keep up with it all

Can you not learn

to cut and colour your hair?

Power could be cut

With the grid going down

No internet, no brain to access

So invest in solid books

Vinegar Making
Vinegar Making | Source

Start to make your own

vinegar, wine and bread

Have a yard? A courtyard?

Great place for a

seasonal vege garden

Try growing lettuce, spinach, tomatoes

capsicum or zucchinis

Plant herbs

for food like basil, rosemary, sage

oregano and mint

Or, plant herbs for medicine

like lavender to soothe the soul

or, mint to take away that

sick feeling in the tummy

Fancy Making Your Own Wine?
Fancy Making Your Own Wine? | Source

Want fruit?

Five feet tall dwarf fruit trees

are ready to go

to landscape your home


One Rooster with a clan of chooks

Just learn how to keep

the foxes and goannas at bay

Ditch electronic tools

buy hand tools

garage sales can be the best

The Chooks-The Eggs
The Chooks-The Eggs | Source

Have an emergency fund?

Have an emergency bag ready to run?

Make a list and have it on standby

Natural weather disasters

becoming the norm

Learn to find food in the forest

in the bush

Get a local country

bush food reference guide

Keep looking for that streaming income

outside the 9-5 routine

Create a Reference Library at home

of how-to’s, especially of how to survive

Learn where you can access water

if it becomes contaminated

Begin the art of

moving towards minimizing discomfort

and keeping things moving

Being resourceful- I

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 4 days ago from Australia

      There is just a feeling of uncertainty around me and to what keeps being echoed in what I am reading or hearing from the media.

      It may be time to start outsourcing less where we can and bring back those skills of of the past, when we couldn't be as luxurious as we desired to be.

      Peace, Elijah

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 4 days ago from Washington DC

      Very helpful information, Charmaine, for people who expects today's lifestyle will survive the next war with helpful information thrown on how to survive ecologically.

      With my believing prophecies predicts the next war, world war 1 encompassing man of every nation and today's wars don't have battlefields nor respect for the children, girls nor elders, learning how to live without the comforts we know is the thing for consideration. I'm pleased to see you included ecological points.

      If I err in the vision I see my being prepared to live environmentally like most other large mammals grantees me survival - providing I can stay out of someone's gun sight - no matter what end comes. I do thank you for your presentation, you do appear to have some inner knowing of what is at hand.

      Peace and survival to you.