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Anticipated Expectations

Summer is an aspiring Author whose compassion for others turned into passion. Writing is her way of contributing to the World and others.


I write with the expectancy,

of finally meeting you one day.

A day when the Universe decides,

to stop dealing me unsculptured molds of clay.

Every time I try to create a masterpiece,

I watch my creations carelessly,

turn their backs on me,

and walk away.

To be continued is the line,

in which keeps my hopes alive,

after multiple let downs,

bowed heads and teary eyes.

Broken-hearted and repeated cycles;

Cupid must have broken his arrow,

because each time he shoots,

it misses me from every angle.

I've experienced mental break downs,

panic attacks and anxiety,

due to each guy entering my territory with lies,

trying to redefine the meaning of forever as

temporary lullabies.

I'm drifting off into a deep sleep,

left hypnotized,

performing wife duties for him,

but in my mind, it's you who I mesmerize.

I know it sounds foolish,

but even in my trans-like state,

the thought of you,

gives me enough momentum to stay awake.

Praying that destiny and time,

will no longer delay,

as I bleed out slowly by a new lover

putting on a false persona,

to utilize your space.

Then history again repeats itself.

As I write with expectancy,

of finally meeting you one day,

a day when the Universe decides,

to stop dealing me unsculptured molds of clay.

This time,

instead of me molding a deformed sculpture,

I'll be presented with a fine piece of art,

handpicked and peculiar.

Rewriting my destiny from,

to be continued.......

to a final happy ever after!

© 2021 Summer A Pennerman

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