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ALONE- A Feeling of Everyday

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I tumbled forth in

This pretty dark world.

Happiness was spread around.

It was to last long.

All that care hid the darkness.

Years passed by, people passed by

Me, some giving their light,

Some spreading the dark.

This darkness dominated in life.

Polluted my soul,

Continued to direct my life.

Unaware of what was going on.

A realization occurred:

In this darkness, there is no one to give light.

A thunderstorm came,

Lightening started.

I became able to see, this was

The Life I have to lead.

I was made conscious that

A being is ever alone,

Loneliness being the best friend.

I became strong, brave

To face the dark night, and

Wait for a shiny morning.

Now, no one can break me.

The darkness of their soul can

Never make my brightness dim.

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