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I Saw Them Kill Him


I saw them kill him

I was sitting on my parents stoop

When they ran by

Like four boys

One in front of all three

But one was in front of the other two

I heard one say "Get'em Jeff!!"

Real loud like

As they all ran through the alley

On the side of my parents house

I raised up to look

The first boy was trapped

It's nothing but a brick wall back there


The four boys surround him

They charge forward

I jump up off my parents porch

My hands sweaty

I hear screams

I walk forward

I hear shouts

I walk forward

They have pipes, they are beating him

He's curled up in a ball

Like a baby in a mother's stomach

I see blood

The screams stop

They keep hitting him

I walk forward

One of the boys turn around

He has straight black hair it's curly

Green eyes, cat eyes

I look down he has blood on his hands

I stop

He says something, the others turn around

Their faces!!! I can't understand their faces!!

Like mask, but not mask, distorted

I look down the Boy is covered in blood

He's not moving I see his face

I know this Boy

I turn, I run

My legs burn, I don't look back

I slip, losing my balance, but not quite

I scrape my knee, but, don't fall

I run up my parents porch, push the door open

Bang!!!! It slams up against the wall

I can't breathe, I can't breathe

I run in my room, slam the door closed

Bang!!!!! It slams shuts

I go under my bed I hear talking

I hear running

Sirens!! Lots of Sirens!!!

Talking, footsteps, my room door opens

I hear my mother call my name

I can't talk I try, but nothing comes out

I can't move to even get from under the bed

I'm hopeless

I hear my father's voice

I seen her run in here! He says my name

Walkie talkies, it's the police talking

I can't move I'm drained

The covers go back I see my mother's face

I hear her voice, here she go!

She grabs my arm pulls me from under the bed

Faces all looking at me

They ask did you see wht happen?

All at the same time

I look up, all the faces, eyes, looking at me

Frog in my throat I swallow

Then I hear myself say.... NO!

But don't remember moving my lips

The police go back out my room, my mother looks at me

My father and her walks out

I sit on my bed I catch my breath

Turn and look out my window by the "alley"

I Saw them Kill HIM!!!

© 2017 Keuka Fields

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