Updated on July 7, 2018



They will tease you to say you are from a dark continent.

They will laugh at your melanin rich skin and your brain's content.

They will define you by their lustful eyes.

They will measure your wealth when you choose to fall to their lies.

They will mock the roots of your kinked hair.

They will decompose your curves if you petty their stare

more worse if you let their hands plough through the sacred areas of your body.

And allow Them to deposit their manly frustrations

Planting a seed in your womb.

A seed that would transport their legacy in the coming generations

even as they rest in their tomb.

They will make you feel less appreciated

yet allow you to flirt with death.

They will talk to you about their ex

and what her ass meant.

As they make you feel at home in the arms of harassment.

They will feast on your wide hips

and enjoy the comfort of your thick and cracked lips.

They will taunt you about the past

and compare your behind with someone

having excess genetical compositions able to fill the shape of their jeans.

They will use, accuse and abuse you for being a silent african woman.

Treating you less of a human.

They will even be too broke to pay attention to the loudness of your silence.

You will shade tears all night long holding on to your faith that one day someone would rescue you from such violence.

Your eyes a waterfall of tears

enough to drive the turbines in kariba dam and end all kind of load-shadings in your heart.


They will say you are so an unattractive.

So to look desirable,

you will need to dress naked and let your thighs work its magnetic powers

of attracting men who are rich.

They will say your skin would perform more wonders if you bleach.

They will deceive you to mask your face in make-up as they slowly lay your foundation into the western world's culture.

They will flock around soon as they see others eating from your flesh like a vulture.

BUT Do not let their influence turn your body into a market.

Because what they might offer can not go with you in the casket .


what you might not know is that you look beautiful even without your makeup.

You are priceless.

Your worthy is never determined by Lobola

And Brazilian hair does not need to define your beauty.

Your head was designed to give ideas and not class.

Beauty is pain making your temper rise to degrees

You need to become professor for the mass.

Do not let the social media LIKE BUTTON strip you naked just to fake a high profile

The african woman you see in the mirror has much dignity and needs your morale

To transform the enslaved african mindset

Do not let your cleavage work functions of a camera capturing people's attention.

Because That image will damage your reputation.

Your ass was never designed to twerk

BUT if you can balance when you sit, then it has done its work.


You don't need skin lightening creams for everyone to see the light of your vision.

The sparkle of your teeth when you smile rays its beams through out the dark continent


You were raised as a princess

you are the work of art

God's own master piece

You are beautiful


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    © 2018 JOSEPH PHIRI


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