Overrated Matchup

Updated on January 22, 2018


The AFC title game's set.
The Jaguars vs the Patriots.
Faceoff at Gillette stadium.
A familiar place for the Patriots.
They played in the last Seven.
Not a surprise that most the nation.
Most of the nation picks Brady to win it.
Despite the Jaguars pesky defense.
The fans are ready, the team is ready.
The Jaguars talk but are they ready?
It's not worth watching for many.
Feeling the road is easy for Brady.
The easiest it's ever been.
Feeling this game's another easy win.
Despite the game's epic potential.
It's Just another game in Foxboro.
Below I will explain.
Why the pesky Jaguars just maybe tamed.


The Jags won back to back.
But none of us can ignore the fact.
The champs will not fall easily.
TOM COUGHLIN will witness them losing.
Coughlin coached the only team.
That went in Foxboro beating.
Beating the well-oiled pats.
But he also lost to the pats.
Jags are playing a better team.
One they had no success in beating.
No success over the years.
Winning one of 11 in the last years.
Before Tom and Belichick.
The duo became a success.
Starting in 2001.
Each meeting with Pats wasn't fun.
They had postseason showdowns.
In 2015 Pats blew them out.
Its reason Jags are confident.
But history says they won't win it.

The Quarterbacks

Bortles will be the downfall.
Pats defense may not let him get off.
Seeing what he did to Ben.
Was evidence to not let him get started.
Pats defense may have what steelers missed.
The defense couldn't stop Bortles.
Ben got going but they stayed in trouble.
Ended up winning by three.
Bortles best game was the one last week.
He's been playing well.
But in Foxboro, he will fail.
Not taking away from what he's done.
But Tom threw 8 interceptions.
Bortles threw 13.
Tom has a significant lead.
Tom proved he's a better passer.
Bortles may be a better runner.
Throwing two TD's last week.
He kept the defense guessing.
But like Ben, Tom will get them rolling.
He just will start it early.
Putting pressure on Bortles.
He will never get the Jags out of trouble. .

Jacksonville talks too much

The Steelers disrespected them.
Tweeting about the epic matchup.
Between Brady and Ben in the title game.
So they were focused on putting them to shame.
They won and decided.
To give Patriots some ammunition.
Cornerback JALEN RAMSEY.
Guarantees a victory.
His speech was trending.
Hyping up Duval County.
Hiding the truth of it all.
Past years has allowed it all.
They have not won anything.
Why believe they are winning?
They had to come and prove it.
But are still disrespected.
The Pats were here last year.
They didn't even feed to Ramsey's cheer.
Instead, they congratulated.
They are not the team that'll entertain it.
Those guys are focused on playing.
The Jags seem focused on chattering.
Being happy is one thing.
But sports require some humility.
Like they were doubted verse steelers.
They are douted vs the winners.
The winners of most their meetings.
Last year the Pats won the trophy.


There's proof that the Jags.
Are loving the chance.
The chance to show the nation.
That they really can do it.
So they are talking.
But bens 42 says something.
Something about their defense.
They were worn down by big ben.
Steelers defense didn't show up.
Jags victory was just luck.
Bortles is not better than Ben.
In one-half ben proved it.
Now they face Tom Brady.
Who has a history of winning?
If they played a different team.
The Jags will surely be winning.
But the stage is too big.
And the Patriots have been on it.
Trust and Believe they are ready.
The Pats will be winning.

What is your AFC prediction?

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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