AFC Divisional RHYMES

Updated on January 14, 2018


The Jacksonville Jaguars lost 6 games.
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost 3 games.
The Steelers was surely favored.
Thier record was much better.
They have more veterans.
From Antonio Brown to Big Ben.
Good coaches led by Mike Tomlin.
They have a decent defense.
Homefield will play a huge factor.
Their fans will scream even louder.
The weather favors them more.
The Jaguars may be too cold to soar.
Because they are from Florida.
They may not be used to that weather.
There's no reason they should lose.
The stage is set for good news.
Before it, all started.
Le'Veon Bell tweeted.
Tweeted that his legs.
Are more skilled than his hands.
The Jaguars defense.
Took offense to him saying it.
The game was then guaranteed.
To be a good one indeed.

1st Quarter

Its the First Quarter of the game.
The Steelers are looking to change.
Change what the Jaguars did week 5.
But their defense was not very alive.
The Jaguars quickly got control.
With the offense led by BLAKE BORTLES.
He started off with a 53-yard drive.
Then it was ended with a one-yard dive.
A dive into the end zone.
The Jaguars were up 7-0.
Jacksonville struck first.
Steelers had to put to work.
Their drive wasn't impressive.
They didn't have an answer.
They gave the ball back.
Hoping their defense has gotten on track.
But Leonard Fournette.
Proved that they did not do it.
Jaguars led by 14.
In a quarter they are stunning.
Stunning those at Hines stadium.
They wanted to end the 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter

It's the second Quarter.
Fans hope things get better.
They get the opportunity.
But aren't capitalizing.
The fans get restless.
They hope the defense will fix it.
Kept the Jaguars are rolling.
The Steelers were in a whole.
Going into halftime with no gold.
Their fans aren't sure.
Their steelers can endure.

3rd Quarter

The Jaguars come out of the half.
Playing like they want to put pass.
All of the costly mistakes.
Trying to play this game at a better place.
They actually come out and score.
Their fans are surely looking for more.
But the defense doesn't hold their end.
The Jaguars score seen scoring again.
ROTHLESBURGER maybe heating up.
But the defense isn't applying enough.
Enough of the pressure.
They score but do not win the quarter.
But their fans see hope in their offense.
But not any in their defense.

4th Quarter

The Steelers are down a touchdown.
But the Jaguars drive the ball down.
The defense hasn't held up all game.
Nothing but their offense changed.
Their points were answered all 3rd quarter.
Nothing much changed in the fourth quarter.
Ben was still being ben.
But the defense was not getting.
Wasnt getting many stops.
The fans still cheered.
They weren't in fear.
Ben was still on fire.
The defense was more inspired.
But it was too late.
They made too many mistakes.
They were 13-3.
But lost the game by 3.


The Jaguars wasn't favored to win.
But ended up getting the win.
Stunning steeler nation.
Some fans were even crying.
They lost three games.
This lost makes fans ask for change.
Meanwhile, Jags must be ready.
Ready to play pats and Tom Brady.
They won seven conference games.
The Jags are good but things may not change.
Pittsburgh missed a pressure on Bortles.
No rushing the quarterback caused trouble.
Most of the problem was the defense.
Because of the Steelers 92 changes.

Who did you think was going to win before the game?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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