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ABC's About Me

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Rozlin loves composing poems. Writing relaxes her and is a great fun. It connects her with her inner self and with the wider world.

A glimpse of my hometown in India

A glimpse of my hometown in India

About The Challenge

This article is my response to dear friend Pamela Oglesby's challenge. Pamela introduced us a fun challenge called “ABC of me”. As she said in her article, here we must write about ourselves by each letter. Its an opportunity to share things about ourselves with our hubber friends. I enjoyed participating in this challenge and writing about myself. I hope everyone who reads enjoys too knowing about me.

Here Comes My ABC

Amazed I am, when I ponder Allah’s Creations.

Blessed with a daughter, we named her “Fatima”.

Cooking has become my passion after marriage.

Dunkin’ Donuts we enjoy a lot.

Extravagant purchases I don’t appreciate.

Fish, I don’t like so much to eat.

Gratitude towards Him, I try to practice daily.

Holidays enjoyment with siblings I miss.

India is my homeland.

Juice of any fruit I am lazy to extract.

Kiwis I pick always, taste sour.

Lazy I am, to pamper myself.

Mecca Medina, strong desire to visit, once and then again and again.

Night walk, we enjoy on weekends.

Outings with family I enjoy a lot.

Poetry, I enjoy composing.

Quitting is something I wouldn’t teach my kid.

Red is my favorite color.

Snow, I would love to play with.

Teaching IT in school was my job before marriage.

UAE, never ever thought I would settle in.

Vanilla ice cream is my favourite.

Xero desire of following the monotonous routine everyday.

Yummy food is what I serve daily to my family.

Zealous to do anything new.

Another beautiful picture of my native place in India.

Another beautiful picture of my native place in India.

© 2022 Rozlin

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