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ABC of Myself - Umesh Chandra Bhatt

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


A few weeks back a challenge in form of A, B, C, .... X, Y, Z - author's own profile as seen by the author himself was initiated by our fellow author Pamela Oglesby. Some authors in Hubpages participated in that and after going through a few of the entries I was also inspired to participate and respond to that challenge. My response is a bit delayed but I hope that readers will take it in the same way and with the same zeal that they were having during the initiation of the challenge and the subsequent responses to it.

Writing one's own profile is not very easy job especially when we are honest about disclosing our inherent strengths as well as weaknesses. But if we do it in all sincerely it would definitely attract the serious readers.

Before I describe my attributes, traits, and other characteristics it would be worthwhile to make a tour of my memories which are still cherished and preserved in my mind. I belong to an average lower middle class family and my childhood was in a remote and interior hilly place in northern part of my country India where modern facilities were not available at that point of time. We were going through financial hardships but we were much better than many poor and needy people dwelling in that region.

I was a lucky boy in the sense that I got an opportunity to get a variety of books for reading from a government library free of charges and that was my first exposure to the outer world and it's customs, cultures, and traditions. I soon came to know that world was a big place and there were a good number of countries having their own languages and systems of administration. The variety across the globe was mind boggling and more I read more I was enriched with that ocean of knowledge deeply buried in those splendid and amazing books. My reading spree started with books like Gulliver's Travels, Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer etc and continued till I reached reading works by Edgar Allan Poe, Connan Doyle, Tolstoy and many great authors of that time.

As I said I had acquired a great deal of bookish knowledge and people who talked with me were very much surprised about that but I was no good when it came to the practicalities of this real world.

Anyway I went on reading and also studying and accomplished my Post Graduation in Physics that was considered a niche subject at that time (about 49 years back) and started searching a job. I did a few miscellaneous jobs and finally settled in a government job and made a career in oil and gas industry.

Our attributes and traits are something which remain embedded in us for a long time and become inseparable from our personality. Good or bad we have to carry them to our grave one day.

ABC of myself

A - Always ready to learn new things.

B - Busy but not a workaholic.

C - Cleanliness is Godliness.

D - Dear to my friends - always, as they sought my company.

E - Escaping from realities of life at times.

F - First thing first and priority is to be honoured.

G - Going to a library is always preferred.

H - Had not any pocket money during childhood and still remember that.

I - Interaction is the key to learning.

J- Jack of all trades master in Physics.

K - Kites fly in the sky but thread is in our hands.

L - Learnt a great deal from my father who was a hard working person.

M - Multitasking - rarely. Mostly one thing at one time.

N - No person should try to invade the privacy of other person for an amicable relationship.

O - Orderly life is a bliss.

P- People assess us from their apparent look and do not delve deeper. So there is no need to accept their primary observations about us.

Q - Quality is important but sometimes quantity also matters.

R - Roasters and time tables might not help me if I am not serious about it.

S - Strong memory is a myth. We have to build it with repetitions only.

T - Taking sides have no meaning especially when both the sides are wrong.

U - Understanding is one thing that makes the companionship pleasant.

V - Variations are a natural thing but they should not create serious differences.

W- Waiting is not patience, waiting after the job is.

X - X-rays see through our bodies but not through our minds.

Y - Yearning for more creativity.

Z - Zeroing in for an action only after going through all the options.

How do you get to know yourself ...

© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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