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ABC Challenge: 26 Things You Should Know About Me.

Author's photo.

Author's photo.

Remember Me with the ABC:

Angkor Wat is the next historical site on my bucket list.

Birthdays is a feel good word, makes me happy.

Cambodia is where I wanna go next.

Disney World is truly by far the happiest place on earth.

Eating good food means good mood.

Fidgeting is a habit I can't control.

Gianella is my Name.

HubPages is where I'm making my dreams come true.

Into discovering and deciphering what's unknown yet.

Jazz music is my top favorite as of the moment.

Kallang - a place in Singapore I kept thinking about lately due to its name.

Loves the scent of the sea breeze.

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that makes my body weak.

New York Times Best Seller Author- is what I aspire to happen in my career.

Overlooking views are always fun to get mesmerized.

Poems- I love writing them.

Queue can be boring but also exciting for me at least.

Riyadh - a city I spent most of my childhood.

Sunsets, Sunrise, and Stars - I just love taking photos of them.

Travelling is tiring but fulfilling.

Unique in so many ways.

Vulnerable but can give vivid insights.

Word play on poems is one of my strengths as a poet.

X-rays doesn't always seem to see what's wrong in my body.

Yearning always for a relaxing, calming day.

Zillion thanks for all the blessings this month of July and gifts I received on my birthday!


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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