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A B C .... Upto Z .... About Me .... Know A Little More About Vanita

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences

The A B C Challenge .... on HubPages, initiated by Pamela Oglesby ....

Some days back, the A B C challenge on writing about one's own self, initiated by our dear fellow writer - Pamela Oglesby - had created a sensation on HubPages. Many of our fellow writers wrote very beautiful responses. I have read most of them and enjoyed them all thoroughly.

I, too, thought of writing something. This is quite a delayed response, thanks to some other preoccupations that I had to take care of. However, I am now ready with it.

I hope everyone enjoys going through it and getting to know a little bit more about me.


A B C …. About Me ….

A – Assiduous, artistic, amicable, am I not ?

B – Blessed truly, besieged though ….

C – Curiosity and creativity, courage and caution, are my friends within,

D – Devoted and simple; everyone, including me, loves my dimpling cheeks,

E – Efficient and energetic; though extremely tired of tireless fault-seekers,

F – Frank and friendly, people find it easy to trust me,

G – Gentle and generous, Gujarati as I am, I respect elders and adore youngsters,

H – Homely and family-bound; I am honest and helpful,

I – Intelligent and intuitive, idealistic and inspiring …. Why not?! I am an Indian lady!!

J – Joyous and jesting, that keeps me light and bright,

K – Kid at heart, love being among kids,

L – Loving and lively, I love being loved, not claimed or owned,

M – Music is my life, singing, my life-force,

N – Nature-lover, hence, naive, abiding in abundance,

O – Optimistic to the core, I remain with intent pure,

P – Principled and practical perfectionist, prayerful I always remain,

Q – Quality-conscious, to the dismay of many; diverse qualifications add to their agony,

R – Responsible and reliable, whole-hearted in every effort,

S – Sensitive and sensible, supportive and spiritual, I try my best and leave the rest,

T – Truthful and thoughtful, life has taught me to be tough,

U – Unique, yet unacceptable – messy minds are generally untunable,

V – Versatile and helpful, hence vulnerable to manipulative seekers,

W – Wisdom-oriented for progress in inner quest amid outer stress,

X – X-factor illiterate – I do what I love and lovingly do what comes my way,

Y – Yoga – a way of life – has helped me a lot,

Z – Zero absolutely, without the Grace of the Almighty.

How and why I am what I am ?

The simplest answer to this question is –

“I am a result of the interaction between the environment in which I am placed and me. I act and react in a certain way towards my environment and my actions and reactions affect my environment. Both of us are very intricately and inseparably interconnected.”

- Vanita Thakkar (from my old diary, written some time in 1991)

Writing About Myself ....

Writing about one's own self can be pretty tricky. Over the years, I have received some suggestions / requests on writing my autobiography. I seem to arouse considerable curiosity, probably due to my activities and contributions in diverse fields. People appreciate it, sincerely and courteously and I heartily thank them for that. I have come across people quizzing about how many hours are there in my day - 36 or 48 .... Well, there can be no more than 24 hours, of course. I often say, if anything appears magical or miraculous, that is simply because of the blessings of my parents, elders and well-wishers and the blessed glory of the land I hail from - India - the land of immense diversities and possibilities, co-existing and flourishing from Time immemorial.

My name - Vanita - is a word of Sanskrit origin, which means - Graceful Lady. According to our Indian ideology, woman / lady is - Shakti Swaroopa - meaning embodiment of Energy. Probably, due to the Energy the Almighty bestows to my name, I have realized and manifested a wide variety and rare combinations of possibilities of Womanhood.

You all know

As clearly as I know

That I can do well


Perhaps that is why

You want me to want

To do that

Which You want me to do,

Which You think

I should do.

- Vanita Thakkar (01.06.1991)


© 2022 Vanita Thakkar

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