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A View Into a Child’s Perception of Life


Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


Powerful is love in life,

when I think

of those

I know and love,

I love them equally

can’t compare

or tower above,

We know that life is sometimes

too short

so, let’s celebrate it

c’mon everybody

let’s be a sport,

We all have our bad days,

I hurt when I fall

my parents and I

talk through it all

Less is the storm

I feel calm,

I then feel better,

if you think of the rest

I love my family,

I think they are the best

I tasked my children, to unleash their poetic side, and this is what they came up with, I found it quite impressive.

Comment below and let me know, what you think

© 2020 Mitara N


Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 30, 2020:

Thank you for such a wonderful comment, its always good to find kids hidden talents and build on it

Visit anytime, and appreciate your comments

Christopher Williams on March 30, 2020:

I am not shocked at all, children have hidden talents that need to be nurtured, well done to you in tasking it to them. its doing things like this that give confidence and inspire little minds. Such a pleasure to read.

Nice one kids!!! Keep them coming

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 21, 2020:

Hi Liz, thank you for the compliment.

Was a spur of the moment activity given to my kids as they wanted something to do, they impressed me as well.

Liz Westwood from UK on March 20, 2020:

That's pretty impressive poetry. I assumed it had been written by an adult.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 18, 2020:

Hi Rajan,

Thank you for your wonderful comment, your words are so true.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on March 17, 2020:

Children do look at life more deeply than many adults. Impressive poetry.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 17, 2020:

My dear friend Ruby, always feel so blessed by your comments. My children are so touched and excited by such wonderful feedback.

Stay safe, and remember you are such a blessing

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 17, 2020:

Kyler, I am always so honoured by your comments, to the moon and back. Makes me even more proud.

Just by your comments you reflect the wonderful person and parent you are. Your son is so blessed to have you in his life.

# excellent parenting skills

# profound life coach

# Mentor

Remain as wonderful as you are, and always be blessed.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 16, 2020:

This is great. Your children will be poets for sure. I wish I'd thought of doing that. Blessings. Stay safe.

Kyler J Falk from California on March 16, 2020:

You can really feel the strong sense of independence that was influenced by strong and caring parenting here. Absolutely love it! I hope they give us more poetry in the future!

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