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A tribute to a friend – Linda Martin, We Will Miss You


This is a tribute to Linda Martin, who passed away on the 31st of May. Some of her many friends gathered for a candle light vigil for Linda Martin in Peacock Park, near her home the following day.


Tribute to Linda Marie Martin

This tribute is not about how Linda died

But how she lived her life

She lived to love, and laugh and make others happy

That was Linda's style

With a look, a touch, her smile she could make anyone feel worthwhile

This is about an amazing woman

Who made everyone she met a friend

From the first meeting to the end

Linda met no strangers

Only friends she never knew

And she loved them all

The animals too

She fought for the peacocks habitat

To keep them safe and free

To share their beauty for everyone to see

So… when you see Angel wings of peacock feathers

With their jeweled eyes

Streaking across the Heavenly skies

You will know that Linda has arrived

Linda asking for a peacock ordinance

Angel flying to close to the ground

© 2016 Shyron E Shenko

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