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A Través De Mis Ojos


A través de mis ojos

My eyes see in the distance I can see today in skyways, time past and future scenes, through my eyes that are connected to me

Angels singing on high, singing sweet songs like lullabies, thousands of horses flying out in armor, going after elements that might try to harm us.

Eagles flying into the sun, in rows and rows like a military-run
eagle flying off a crevice and glide through the air, looking at the soft clouds that can be seen everywhere

Walking through golden gates with beautiful angels on guard duty, with beautiful smiles on their faces all appreciation shown to meet me, I am welcome with a loving gesture, walking on a path of glistening golden pastures

My wings flapped in my shadow, and up in full flight angels in the front of me and angels on my right.

Precious white dove suddenly appears flying in front of me with the gentleness of grace and care. with an appreciation of seeing me flying in the highest air so freely.

© 2020 The Eloquent Heart Writer