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A to Z Abecedarian Challenge


I decided to attempt the challenge set by Ann (annart) in her article about abecedarian poetry.

As anyone who has read my poems will know, most of my work is about my personal experience with addiction and recovery. So, no surprise that this one covers the same subject.

As I am not the greatest wordsmith. I was going to cheat and just put the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Here is my humble attempt at both using the letters of the alphabet, and Ann’s challenge of two verses with every word beginning with the same letter.


Addiction and recovery

Addiction bites.

Creating disturbing emotional frailties,

Generating harmful irrational judgements.

Knowingly lying multiplying.

Now overwhelming pain quells

Recovery starting.

Therapy underpinning values withheld.

Xanadu yearnings zeroed.


T for Therapy

Try taking time

To trawl the trash.

Tackling trivial things

That twists thoughts.

Those Tiny torments

Turn to tsunamis.

Through talking therapy

Transcend the torment to tranquillity.

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