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A Taste of God's Glory (Poem)


A taste of God's glory

God wants to be found,
He speaks through every sound,
He works all around,
His power and glory in creation abounds,

He has given us minds greatly equipped to examine whatever our inquiries find, Every perfect engineering, its intelligent design
Are all but undeniable testimonies that it is Divine,

The mystery of life has been given light,
It's ours to keep,
It's a place where our God we meet,
From relationships to everything in between of time,
Through everything that are yours and mine,
Are reflections to make us understand,
How God works and relates to man,
Though we violate it with rebellion, we still can't deny,
Its purpose and design can never be bowdlerize, though we foolishy try,

And to His saints, He shall be, ever so caring; sanctifying you and me,
For He has created the world as a sight for faith to see,
The birds in the air, the thirst of the deer,
The lilies and the grass, they are all pictures of how God is so near,

For every need, He shall supply,
Every thirst of a longing soul, in Him He shall satisfy,
He shall clothe, He shall lead,
God shall grow every planted seed,

Consider also the different seasons,
Learn from each one
It bears wisdom to rapture your reason,

So look to the skies, see the ocean so vast and wide,
Drown in power, drive out your pride,
From God's consuming presence, where can you hide?

For the creation is but a taste of God's everlasting flow,
It's but a small fraction of glory,
It's a gentle whisper so tender and loud,
And it can only be forgotten through the audacity of doubt,
It's a sent messenger that knows no rest, their unflagging prodding are wonders at best,

God's created world,
Is a glimpse of eternity,
That our frail and yearning soul,
Might behold in simplest form,
The reality of life in Christ, and so make us whole,

Hasten then to Him, go now, go,
In His word and by His world,
We believe and know.

- apG


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