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A Surprise Birthday Party

My love for poetry is beyond eternal and I believe poetry speaks louder than words. Poetry is my life and peace of my soul.


My Surprise Birthday Party

Every year on my birthday I wait for a surprise birthday party like a crazy little girl,

Yet sadly never got one ,

But this year I waited even more desperately because this year I have you.

You ! My man , my one man army in handling my anger, tantrum , mood swings, cravings , needs and constant urge to be loved.

You, with whom it feels as if everyday is a celebration,

There is fun , craziness, weirdness , laughter and so many surprises ,

If I am feeling cold you are there with your jacket for me,

If I am feeling hot and drenched you become my ice cream man,

If I am craving for some delicious food , then you take me out for endless romantic dinners,

With your words you add grace to my beauty and you never fail to make me feel like your Queen,

Even in my shabby hair and no make up face, you proudly say that I am always the prettiest girl .

You are always there to love me when I can't even like myself...

So it becomes obvious that you must have planned a great grand birthday party for me like all other boyfriends do !

But what if you haven't?

Sad, angry and so upset this thought made me once

But then I started to read this poem again,

I sighed, smiled , thanked God as for now in my life with you till eternity true happiness shall remain.

Everyday with you is a celebration, every day is much more than a mere Surprise Birthday party.

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