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A Strange Thought

Adnan shafi is a poet , writer , columnist, short story writer and reviewer

A strange thought


A strange thought

Father tossed my mobile

Out of the kitchen

Father and mother hit

me just like I was a beast

A shirt moved and let it get

merged with the dust on the

ground. It looked as if my hand

had sobbed in tears between me

and whipping despite my eyes.

I got entangled in dread.

No grandma, no grandpa,

no bro, no sis. The pesky voice

throbbed at my back like needles

of hell.How could I endure such


Life might learn

What does it yearn ?

Can take a good turn

To finally discern

I had gone in the thought

where I could release all

horrible deeds. It was

prevalent in my friend circle.

Nobody was able to curb their

desires. Father and mother for

them ;the only antagonist that

turned their lives despicable.

They could do whatever they

wanted to. My thought became

my pal which boosted me to

dump all vicious things from

my psyche

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