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A Starry Affair

A budding engineer trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


On a sea of sapphire,

With the soul of fire

Glistening with all your might,

Oh, what a heavenly sight.

Awaiting your crescent comrade,

Dawdling away with no much aid

A forgotten entity by the day,

Yet at night, you sure do make heads sway.

Intoxicated by your allure,

Are men and women, both loud and demure

Craving for one such night,

Where you and your lunar suitor arrive in white.

Oft-times hidden by a massive inky spectre,

Like a bee towering over a dainty floret for nectar.

Life would still be life without you,

Yet the World waits for you to bloom anew.

© 2022 Priya Dinesh

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