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A Song of Tribulation

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

Lost souls
That walketh off
On eerie nights
Just watching it
After the dusk is due
Oh! Little souls
How dare you scare us?

Littles souls
That lost themselves;
Does ye have a home?
You always did it
Walking off unto us
And making it all
Our flowers to wither
Then their sweet scent
Got lost to us forever.

I made it all
A decision of heart
To go out after dusk
And watch their moves;
For why little souls,
Does ye scare us?

Back I came
With a story-
Yes, a song of tribulation.

All that rung
In the air after dusk;
Were cries and shouts
Of a scared humanity...

The little souls
For a discovery
Of the human weakness;
Had their plight-
Their joy in stars
Of red light...

I got it all
Withered roses...
Never giving oug love
And passion to chase
The little scary souls
Because all I saw
Was red light
Off the heavenly objects;
That had made a turn
To be scary souls...

I was once told
That souls are undying and unsold
Turns out they ain't that bold
Cause they lie out there in the cold
And their adversities are unfold
It's weird that it's us they scold....

Roses ain't red
And stories of lost souls remain unread
Their stars are so dim lit
Far off candle light
When they come from the blues
They scare the hell out of you
Make your skin reject your body
Tryna escape from your body

We're stuck between pleasing them
And surviving from them
A cleft stick , right?
But what choice are we given
They are self driven
To destruct and drag others to their den
A state that leaves one's potential hidden
We either serve them or stick to our principles
But consequences are unquestionable

I stand amidst genuine screams
And invalid dreams
I stare at the sky but it's blank
Our hope must hidden in some secret bank

© 2018 BeckyTP

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