A snowy visit

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Student of ALevels and have been through nature experiences .

Snowy for first

Low region with season of tiresome
visit the enjoy peaks to enjoy some
It is not barren, but an inhabit site
There are malls to spend your own sum

Coloured caps wearing the chaps, its cold
A white cap wearing the peak, It's snow
warm wearing to eradicate the cold
More snow made the mountain infold

A fall of snow signed a chill wind
white crystal not flow but blow in the wind
Queer and pleasing moment for a strange
A tune of puffs is fetch by this wind

Trees endure much pain of snow
snow as foam, from the trees it flow
the pines are still in live but naked
they smile, because now it's hard to be mow

Sources get in use to heat the need
white roads are on to tread
No snow on abode thus of tri shelters
Birds get in hard to feed

Cup of tea take to be hot
rolling the spits, roast pieces in the pot
much sort of nuts selling in the cart
night so long but days too short

it say no for while to stop at night
more than normal it start to fall
it's icy fall start more to bright
strange to see the dark so white.

Disappointing, lessen in the woods
it's deep view was once so good
no ways were there to drive through snow
such account downcast the mood

Leaving from good times is as hard as finding good times.

— Ammad khan
What about fun from this poem?
Origins of Poem
Reading of rhyming
First sight of my snowfall
Respecting nature
Singing it.
Wording experience
Admiring nature

© 2017 Amaad's Pen


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    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 6 months ago from Canada


      I knew right away it was singing, great lyrics to the snowy beat...

      "strange to see the dark so white."

      this line is perfect, wow!

      I really enjoyed reading, thank you.