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A Small but Hard Desire

When will the objective be accomplished

A small desire but it takes a while to make it.

For such a long time, someone's wish would remain unfulfilled.

And many are such that they may have got some gift.

Someone's passion someone's luck is someone's heritage.

But everyone's small hut was someone's palace.

I also hope that my beautiful too is not as big as my dreams.

Be small, in which neither yours nor mine remains, everything is dry but mine.

When will this longing of the mind be not known or not, this is also a complicated question.

Because dream houses are built in sleep by themselves only by sleeping.

And all this would have been possible with money which I didn't have much hope for.

Yes, this hope is not possible yet, but why am I waiting?

I don't even know why I believe so much, but even after knowing everything, why there is hope.

Not all the wag oh I have nothing, nobody's precious thing, no one's own.

Empty hand is empty luck and empty hand, whatever I want to give something.

No one should ask the condition of his heart, wishing him such a big thing that it will never happen.

Own home is a passion but it has very hard crossroads.

Life passes in this way and maybe some of them are not even complete.

And they go to another house in such a way where nothing remains.

But is should not happen that everyone's wish should be fulfilled everyone's dream should be fulfilled.

Circumstances would have been like this, but how is this also the situation would have been the same for a poorperson.

The longing is so big and I am trying to fulfills it with all the hope.

But sometimes it is completely not expected and discouraged.

Ambition is big and possibilities are less than mere.

No I have some stuff to fulfills my wish.

Still, why am I working day and night in this effort?

Trying is complete but when you know it doesn't work.

Then why oh passion and faith why does not give up your stubbornness.

The stubbornness which is to be fulfilled not by effortbut by wealth.

Then on whom and why is it sure that my wish will be fulfilled?

It's true, why do I ever feel so mad when everyone is in front of me?

Neither a straw nor a treasure in which you put your hands and pearls come.

As a pearl, by which my purpose is fulfilled, my dreams is fulfilled.

But am I a stranger in the world who imagines.

The mind would have wandered around and ran away from its limits.

He kept his thoughts isolated and disturbed my desire.

My desire is the same but in fulfilling it my mind gets entangled in thoughts.

Hope is difficult and it is not even possible but there is some courage left.

So keep trying till you breathe.

When there is no breath, then the path of desire will be blocked.

And maybe when my dream of a home will stop.

Then I will find my place where there will be thoughts and no struggle.

That pause will be the pause, the zero will be the zero.

All that will end, if the desire is on effort, the situation will be my own home and there will be no restriction.

Peaceful peace and neither your nor my home's place forever.

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