A Short Story on an Independent Mother

Updated on December 6, 2017

Short story on an independent mother


She was a little girl with dreams of fairy land.
She grew up her dreams grew up.
She started to live with the dreams of her prince.
And one day someone came in her life,
That person was her prince charming, her dreams came true. She was happy,She was joyful.
After few months a miracle happens,
She gave birth to her Barbie doll ,her daughter
She was enjoying her beautiful life.
But destiny played its role.
A storm came in her life, it was big,it was strong and it destroy everything.
She lost him.She lost her support. She lost her prince charming.
Everything broke up. Her dreams broke up , Her wishes broke up.
But she didn't stop.
She decided to save her beautiful life for her Barbie doll.
She decided to live for her daughter,
She decided to be happy for her daughter,
She gathered all her pain, She gathered all his memories.
She didn't made them her weakness but made them her strength.
She was moving ,she is moving, and will keep moving..
She will live for her daughter. She will enjoy her life for her daughter. She will be strong for her daughter and will never give up for her daughter.

© 2017 Swati Jain


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