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Dad I Want to Go - a Sad Farewell

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.


We put our money, time, and energy into the things that matter to us. To put it another way, if you ever want to know what someone is concerned about, check their bank statement or inquire about how they spend their time.

Making their children a priority above the many pressures that life throws at them is the most important way that dads can assist their children to feel that they matter.

It's easy for a child to believe that he doesn't matter since so many things compete for his father's money, time, and energy — their jobs, technology, entertainment, sports, and television. It is crucial for fathers to express to their children that they are a priority, that their primary investment is in them

For parents, nurturing entails a variety of activities. It undoubtedly includes hugging and kissing children on a regular basis, as well as telling them how much they are loved. However, it also means supporting them for their basic needs, such as cooking for them, bathing them, playing with them, reading to them, and assisting them.

After doing so much and giving all your energy and time to them. One day, when that child becomes a young man, tells his parents that he no more wants to live with them. He tells them that now, they are old and he is young, he wants to enjoy his life and needs freedom. This is the hardest time for parents to see him going in front of their eyes.

A sad goodbye, which hardly reassures the old man when he considers the unpredictability that his child can face. Even if reasonable, the children's departure is an emotional stage for the parents. A heartfelt farewell that every parent dreads.

We can sense the anxiety that accompanied this departure... And then, resignation. The departure of a child into his own future corresponds to his parents' entry into old age.


The poem is a dedication to all parents and children. To all the children respect and love your parents. In their old age, they need you the most. Parents are someone who loves you most. Don't ever let them feel that you don't love them. Love them, care for them and respect them, they must be your priority.

Originally the Poem was Written in Persian Language


I Want to Go Dad

Say your goodbyes to me before you leave!
To abandon me in the midst of the chaos,
hear first my heart's cries! ...
Perhaps the departure may be postponed!

My child!Despite my knowledge,
Despite the arguments of reason,
I cannot contain the urges of your youth
in this dark season

My dear son, before departing, taking any step
Know, my son, that nothing in this life
can adapt to our desires;
beware of betrayals and deaths!

You can always go on an adventure,
exploring under a different sky,
testing your passion in new places,
and allowing your natural instincts to run wild!

Youth is a gift that must be cherished!
Your departure, on the other hand, is sadness.
To the final springs of my life, to my old age...
It's time to leave, says his glance! ......

I wished I could have told him to be careful!
All those words, what's on my mind,
my worries and all my pain!
I simply said, "GOOD LUCK! and

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh