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"The Autumn Leaf"a Prose Poetry Written by Ana Rose Gajeles

Prose Poetry " Finding Autumn Leaf"

"Finding Autumn Leaf" by Ana Rose Gajeles

With so much leaves that falls

It's like trying to unlock a door without key

It's like going in a forest to search for a ring

With so much that falls

It's so easy to get lost than be found

With such cute attention span

like a starch and an egg mixed in a bowl

and it stops for long it grew hard

Tons of them that sways

but there is only one bullseye

one that shows on time

one that will keep my eyes and mind

To where I stand,

It may ever take the sun to go down

Or years of rain pouring at dawn

once my eyes is fixed, there is no turning around.

© 2022 Ana Rose Gajeles

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