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A Poem to Miss Jane

Yusrat is a high school student from Bangladesh. She writes about Science & Technology.


To Miss Jane

Dear Jane,

A Concealer, revealer, conqueror, motivator

Once looked into the ginormous sea

The tranquility, water-soaked breeze

Two feet embraced the wave, the pain, the guilt

'The bygone is the goner.' he bawled at me

'Hopes disappear in the puff of smoke

Gives you pessimism and weltschmerz instead

Love betrays, spirit breaks, time deepens

My ward, A body of a deceased receives the wreath, but what does the soul receive?

Personhood is a game, Darling

Here you want, you get, then you quit.'

I breathed, 'Really? I surmised you were happy

It is strange how you, your skin, are an architectural hoax. Do ye feel it?'

He laughed, 'Well, it is because we are all swallowed mercilessly by the sea.'

Jane, he spoke with awe on his last day

Like a father, like a brother, like my old friend.

- Sadia

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