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The Journey of Modernisation (Poem)

“Modernization, socialization, and progression doesn’t alter nor permit discarding the morals and the laws one should abide themselves too.”

— Avra Amar Filion, The Ellison Effect


Change, re-change and again change,

It’s today’s buzz-word.

Go in for a new look:

Be it an airport or a transport.

Renovation is the hour’s need:

Be it an office or a home.

Let it be the well-constructed flyovers,

Or even the exciting amusement parks.

Loads of exclusive shopping malls,

Or even finest cinema halls.

All such are undergoing innovations unlimited.

Its effect gets naturally reflected:

Look of a neighbourhood represents a nice change,

On the whole,

World witnesses an array of modernisation,

Quite natural,

Human life gets touched.

Let’s be factual:

It leads to a massive change in human life,

Be it in the field of education or sophistication,

Either in the making of a self identity,

Or men are racing for minting money.

Human life is no more a dull book:

Rather it’s always on a full gear, my dear,

Either chasing or managing,

Sometimes working hard quietly, and,

Sometimes begins some strife.

Look here or look there,

Take this or take that,

Follow right or follow left,

Go east or go west,

No matter,

Do whatever or move wherever,

Feel the countless differences made forever,

Thus, it’s a magic of a sheer transformation,

It makes a strong impact on every nation,

This makes the process of change a special occasion!

Changes bring in comfort,

No wonder:

Life hopes for more change-over,

Even people make a conscious effort.

Day by day:

Changes are gaining a firm foothold ever,

Policy of makeover has completely taken over.

New vistas of opportunities,

Higher living standard,

Hike in turnover,

Rising number of mega events,

Increasing number of competitions,

Every being is now a super competitor,

Working skill has no dearth of capabilities.

But still,

Complications are also holding a strong ground.

Although changes have made life gain a lot,

But still,

Does it have no hole in it?

Generation next considers all this as a progress,

Politicians mark it as a success,

Then in life:

Why do we witness disgrace and distress?

Be it a family or a society,

Friends or relatives,

Juniors or seniors,

There’s no trace of consideration and consolation.

Even politicking has become bloodthirsty,

Policing is lacking morality,

Human bonding is turning rusty,

Relationships are growing frosty,

Moral policing is now a common fashion,

Rather, there’s an active criminal notion,

And manipulation is the basic intention,

It helps one to achieve the ultimate ambition.

If fusion is to be immaculate,

The means should be humane.

If evolves such an inner enlightenment:

The then,

There’s a hope to strengthen…

The pillar of external development…

Only then,

The journey of modernisation will brighten.


Positive Perception

This poem is based upon my observation of the present scenario. Life is changing very fast due to modernisation and renovation. Every now and then something new is coming up and the whole system moves forward. There is nothing wrong in having or creating some change in life and living, at the work place or in our surrounding, country or on earth or wherever we wish to have a makeover. This actually helps to rediscover one’s own personality. But, there is another side of my observation which I want to share with you.

Though life is moving fast but the basic human nature is still confined to some orthodox traditions. Not only this, people are imbibing some bad thoughts, putting up negative actions and regularly giving up the good qualities they have. This makes me think that is it necessary to do something degrading just to bring in some newness in the atmosphere and surrounding. Is it true modernisation? A nation gets a new look not by itself but by the creation of its citizens. Chasing newness for the better is always appreciable but just for one’s self progress it must not be promoted because it becomes inhumane. Enjoying renovations of any kind is only possible when the process of change is humane. Moral values must remain intact and it must be imbibed by those who lack it or else the materialistic changes will suffer too.

“Listen, To be modernize it doesn't mean to be rich in wealth or by status but to be rich in wisdom......!”

— M.H. Rakib

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